Thursday, April 30, 2009


Just went crazy buying from they have one of my favorite company's stamps, Bam Pop at 75% 0ff so of course I got some!!! Love the funky images!!! PLUS...they have a 10% off coupon code! Type in "NSD". YAY!!! Can't wait to get them!!! Just thought I'd share.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Testing testing uno dos tres...

Monday, April 13, 2009


I can't believe I won!!! Today is one freaking lucky day!!! I got to pick 3 singles stamps from!! AHH SO excited!!! Thank you so much Marie!!! I picked 1. Cheer Anya (to go with her football player) 2. Ballerina Anya (cause she's too darn cute) and 3. Skater Ian (cause i need a lil bad boy stamp lol). I'm already trying to think of how i could use them!! So excited!!! Lets just hope my entire week is as great!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

So life's been pretty hectic. Too much to do, too little time to do it in. :( There are a ton of things i have to get done and it seems i have no room for stamping. But its so relaxing when i actually get a minute in. I have a couple of cards I've done. Mostly for my dear friends' birthday parties. And i have to get busy making on for my little brother's, whos not so little anymore, 19th birthday. One year I made him a card covered with tiny little bees all saying "BOO", The inside said..."got you something you wanted for your birthday...BOO-BEES lol. So yea here are the cards.

This first one I made for my good friend Yvette and it was based of this lovely card made by Julie from Amuse Art stamps ( its pretty similar, but I used stamps from My favorite stamps "Going places: (
I used the building stamp and stamped once in the middle and then the sides. The ribbon is from Hanna stamps and i think that little martini glass is also from thier "Anthony set" ( AH, so many links LOL. ANyways, loved the card she made and had to make it for my friend, the show reminds me of her so much!! Love you Yvette.

Ok, so next card was made for my dear grandmom who turned 70 in March. There were a ton of people coming over and I wanted to give everyone a chance to sign her card and decided to make it out of poster board. I didn't like the look of it in half, but it looked way better in fourths. I used Distress Ink in broken china, shabby shutters, and dusty concord all over the poster board so as not to leave it white and BORING. Then used some swirl stamps i had, my versamark and some pearl embossing powder on it too. I remember seeing a card with a huge cupcake made of tissue paper (which is what i was going for) but the tissue paper didnt want to co=operate so i cute out a cupcake shape on regular white cardstock. I then used some liquid applique and chucky glitter as the icing. thing i learned was that if you let the applique dry over night you actually get a better effect. Mine kind of looked a little wierd on this card because i was too impatient and just took my heat gun to it. OOPS!! lol, I put the cupcake on with pop up dots and then just used some chipboard letters i had laying around for the front.

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Like always, I can't seem to find my other photos..:( I think i'm technologically challenged.. that sucks :(. But yea, hopefully I'll find more time to stamp since I will be graduating in a couple of weeks (YAY!!! FINALLY) LOOK OUT WORLD...NEW TEACHER COMING THROUGH!! :0)

HOpe you have a fantastic week or month...lets see how long it takes for me to be back on LOL.